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Remparo web filter

The web filter is a solution that ensures the safe use of the Internet. Use of the Web Filter allows you to restrict or prohibit users from accessing pages with content that is inappropriate or illegal.

How Remparo works

The web filter analyzes the content of pages requested by users. The Semantic Mirror then automatically determines the site’s character. In accordance with the policies specified for a particular category of site (news, social networks, blogs, etc.), the user is then allowed or denied access to the requested page.


  • Supported by more than 3,000 subject headings in Russian.
  • Support for English, German, Spanish, French, Vietnamese languages.
  • System administrators can define rules and policies, which grant or deny access to web pages.
  • The “Parental Control” feature allows the user to customize their own filtering policies.
  • Supports “traditional” filtering by URL and IP address, and prohibited sites can be defined manually by the administrator.

Key advantages over traditional solutions

Filtering is performed on the contents of the requested page. Thus, there is no need to maintain lists of restricted URLs and IP addresses, which may be incomplete or at risk of losing relevance due to the migration of illegal resources to other addresses.

Instead of blocking an entire site, Web Filter also makes it possible to block only pages with non-compliant content. Consequently, it becomes possible to effectively filter use of social networks.

ISP Edition

The software is installed on the ISP's server.


  • Allows the service provider to expand the range of its services;
  • Prevents user-side disabling of the service.

The "Parental Controls" function allows the user to manage filter policies, access settings, and view statistics through a simple web interface.

Business Edition

Installation of hardware and software in your organization's network.


  • Enables self-configuration of access policies in compliance with corporate rules of use of Internet resources.
  • Minimizes unauthorized use of the Internet during working hours, by restricting access to sites not related to the nature of the organization, including social networking and entertainment content.

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